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Montreal Hooked on School’s mission is to mobilize all partners in Montreal and become a focal point for initiatives that have a positive impact on young people, parents, and other concerned parties, with the objective of increasing school perseverance and success, and reconnecting with school.

Targets | Orientations | Priorities for action | Model for action | Background | Annual reports

3 targets

  • Achieve and surpass Montreal’s ministerial high school graduation-rate target of 77 percent by 2020.
  • Support school boards and targeted schools in reaching their graduation-rate targets and in implementing their success plans.
  • Help to reduce the rate of vulnerability among children entering school.

5 orientations

  • Strengthen prevention strategies for 0–12-year-olds
  • Help 13–20-year-olds stay in, or return to, school
  • Mobilize local, regional and interregional actors
  • Document the Montreal reality and support knowledge transfer
  • Promote the value of education

4 priorities for action

  • Support action in the Island of Montreal’s most sensitive areas.
  • Foster connections among all partners and the community, as well as the cohesion of actions to promote school perseverance and success.
  • Document, promote and disseminate information relevant to actions that encourage school perseverance and success.
  • Enhance partners’ ability to take action.

Model for action

Montreal Hooked on School works at the regional and local levels to sustain and support the mobilization and actions of school perseverance stakeholders.

  • Local level:
    • Support and guide the development and implementation of action plans in targeted areas.
    • Support the development and implementation of strategic actions for youth who are most at risk of dropping out.
  • Regional level:
    • Raise awareness, encourage mobilization, ensure coordination, transfer knowledge, and provide facilitation on issues related to school perseverance and success.


The mobilization arising from these efforts is at the heart of MHS’s model for action, and serves to:

  • Rally stakeholders around shared priorities in school perseverance and success.
  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise among stakeholders.
  • Promote coordination among stakeholders from different sectors in carrying out joint actions.
  • Support the development and implementation of effective actions.
  • Increase the coherence of action in favour of school perseverance.

In implementing this model, Montreal Hooked on School has invested in two areas of expertise to support school perseverance action in Montreal:

  • The basic principles of effective action in school perseverance
  • Planning a collaborative process for schools and communities

MHS is currently evaluating the method used to carry out its model of action. This process will help refine how the model is implemented so that it better supports partnerships between the education sector and various local and regional stakeholders.


2002: Establishment of the Table des partenaires pour la persévérance scolaire à Montréal.

2004: Establishment of the Carrefour de lutte au décrochage scolaire.

2009: Merging of the Carrefour and the Table des partenaires to create Montreal Hooked on School.

Annual reports