Montreal Hooked on School

Taking action to promote school perseverance and success among youth.

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  • School perseverance in Montreal

    School perseverance in Montreal

    A look at the situation of young Montrealers and at Montreal-specific challenges

  • COVID-19 and educational success

    COVID-19 and educational success

    A special section on the potential effects of the pandemic on school perseverance.

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The transition from high school to CÉGEP

A smooth transition, one in which students feel prepared and supported, is a factor for success at CÉGEP.


The transition from high school to CÉGEP


A per-neighbourhood look at the realities of young people and their families.

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Nos partenaires

Nos partenaires
Montreal Hooked on School is 32 regional partners and hundreds of local stakeholders involved in school-focused community mobilization to promote the school perseverance and success of young people.
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