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Though self-esteem is not considered either a positive or negative factor in school performance, acting to boost self-esteem will strengthen other factors of success, which will subsequently help youth develop a sense of capability in difficult situations and have confidence in their abilities. It is therefore advantageous to take self-esteem into account, especially with respect to school work, when taking action to improve young people’s school performance and school perseverance.

Courses of effective action

  • Guide parents in fostering the development of their children’s self-esteem.
  • Implement activities outside the school that promote student success at school.

School perseverance at a glance

  • 79.8%

    of Montreal students obtain a diploma.

    A 12.1% improvement since 2009.

  • 15.9%

    of Montreal youth drop out before graduating.

    A 8.7% improvement since 2009.

  • 25%

    of Québec dropouts are in Montreal.

    This represents 1,870 Montreal youth who left school without graduating in 2015.

  • 28.9%

    of Montreal kindergarten students are vulnerable in at least one developmental domain.

    This is higher than the Québec average of 25.6%.

  • 84%

    of Québec elementary students living in the most underprivileged conditions are in Montreal.

    An average of 25,245 Montreal families with a child under the age of 18 live in a highly underprivileged area.

Government graduation-rate target for 2020


(Target for the Montreal region, students aged 20 and under)