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  • School perseverance in Montreal

    School perseverance in Montreal

    A look at the situation of young Montrealers and at Montreal-specific challenges

  • Key topics

    Key topics

    Topics that require special attention in Montreal

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Working together to help students be successful

A series of articles about various fruitful partnerships between the education sector and community stakeholders promoting youth success.


Working together to help students be successful


The 19 neighbourhoods shown on this map present factors that are cause for concern with respect to school perseverance and success. MHS currently operates in 15 of these neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhoods Saint-Laurent Montréal-Nord Rivière-des-Prairies Pointe-aux-Trembles Saint-Léonard Saint-Michel Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Centre-Sud Parc-Extension Côte-des-Neiges Lachine LaSalle Verdun Sud-Ouest Pierrefonds

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Nos partenaires

Nos partenaires
Montreal Hooked on School is 33 regional partners and hundreds of local stakeholders involved in school-focused community mobilization to promote the school perseverance and success of young people.
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School perseverance at a glance

  • 79.8%

    of Montreal students obtain a diploma.

    A 12.1% improvement since 2009.

  • 18%

    of Montreal youth drop out before graduating.

    A 6.6% improvement since 2009.

  • 26%

    of Québec dropouts are in Montreal.

    This represents 2,080 Montreal youth who left school without graduating in 2015.

  • 28.9%

    of Montreal kindergarten students are vulnerable in at least one developmental domain.

    This is higher than the Québec average of 25.6%.

  • 84%

    of Québec elementary students living in the most underprivileged conditions are in Montreal.

    An average of 25,245 Montreal families with a child under the age of 18 live in a highly underprivileged area.

Government graduation-rate target for 2020


(Target for the Montreal region, students aged 20 and under)