Work/school balance

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Finding a balance between work and school schedules is a familiar reality for young Quebecers. The main issue in finding this balance is to limit the harmful effects of paid work on educational success (not enough time dedicated to studies, poor grades, low educational aspirations, reduced engagement and motivation) and the risk of dropout. Simply reducing or adjusting work hours is not enough by itself; awareness of this issue must be raised among students, school staff, parents, employers, and the community at large.

Courses of effective action

  • Make sure the school is a vibrant place to be.
  • Engage staff in charge of educational and career guidance in work/school balance activities.
  • Raise awareness among school staff of the importance of students’ career aspirations in their educational plans, without minimizing the importance of paid work.
  • Raise awareness among parents of their role in work/school balance, and assist them in this role.
  • Heighten employer and community responsibility as partners in student success.

Source: Réunir Réussir

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