Management practices

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Education-sector management practices related to school orientation, enhancement of teacher competency, organizational model, and curriculum management can all affect students’ learning and perseverance. The more a school’s administration employs management practices that are known to be effective, the better the students’ grades. The administration can catalyze a school’s energies and enhance its teachers’ abilities to foster their students’ success. This effect is even greater when power is shared among the school’s staff, parents, and students.

Courses of effective action

  • Recruit the best leaders and develop the leadership skills of current managers in the school administration.
  • Establish a climate of achievement at all levels within the school.
  • Encourage family involvement and participation.
  • Promote community partnerships that benefit youth.
  • Make parents aware that the importance they place on school attendance and how they value teachers affects their children’s performance.

Source: Réunir Réussir

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