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[Infographic] Work/school balance

The labour shortage and the marked increase of young people on the job market have thrust the issue of work/school balance to the forefront of our concerns.

To provide information on this topic, Réseau réussite Montréal has produced an information sheet highlighting the key concepts necessary for working students to be successful at school.

This infographic coincides with the tabling of a bill to regulate and limit child labour, and we hope it will contribute to discussions on this topic.

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Logo du mouvement national Employeurs engagés pour la réussite éducative

Supporting employers’ engagement toward school perseverance

Employers are key partners in helping students stay in school. 

Which is why the Réseau québécois pour la réussite éducative is today launching a province-wide movement called Employeurs engagés pour la réussite éducative, which aims to raise awareness and guide Québec employers in their role of helping students achieve educational success.

Among other resources, the movement’s website provides employers with information, tools, and tips to support their engagement toward educational success.

Logo du mouvement national Employeurs engagés pour la réussite éducative


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Vital engagement to reduce the risk of dropping out of school for a job

The engagement of employers is all the more important considering the current labour shortage, which can weaken students’ determination to stay in school.

Easy access to jobs that require little in terms of qualification can tempt young people to leave school for a full-time job. This situation not only slows the rise in graduation rates, it is also detrimental to the future of young people, because labour market forecasts indicate that the percentage of low-qualification jobs is likely to decline, in particular due to automation.

Young dropouts whose jobs are eliminated will thus have a hard time finding new jobs in a labour market where increasing levels of vocational training or CEGEP or university education are required.

Employers can help reduce this risk by encouraging students to stay in school; this in turn helps to reduce the considerable social and economic costs associated with dropping out for society as a whole.

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