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Newsletter – June 2019

In this issue: the benefits of summer reading, projects led by and for young people and recent publications on the drop-out issue.

The benefits of summer reading


With summer vacation on our doorstep, some of you may be concerned about loss of academic achievements during the holidays.

Here’s a simple idea to prevent this from happening: read and play word games this summer! Support children in maintaining their skills and having fun while doing it by reading and telling stories around a campfire, making up songs during car trips, giving your grandchildren a journal in which they can paste photos and stories about their holidays, and creating fun and informal ways to integrate reading into their everyday lives.

Organizations can also help children maintain their skills through reading. For example:

  • A day camp organizes a session of reading aloud from a book that inspired the camp’s theme of the week.
  • Municipal wading pools provide bath books in the toddlers bathing area for reading in the water.
  • The local library has a table displaying young adult book series for teenagers who are travelling with their parents!

To reduce educational gaps that may widen among children and teens over the summer (depending on their access to books), facilitate their access to books and literacy activities on diverse platforms and contexts during the summer holidays.


On behalf of the whole team at Réseau réussite Montréal, I wish you a summer filled with small pleasures in the company of those you love.

Andrée Mayer-Périard

Executive Director, Réseau réussite Montréal


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