Areas of intervention

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Montreal Hooked on School focuses its action on the following areas of intervention:

Supporting local action


The strategy of supporting and guiding local action is one of Montreal Hooked on School’s primary areas of intervention.

This approach links school priorities and local realities in order to best meet the needs of at-risk youth. The process ensures that the community and the school coordinate in carrying out joint projects that focus on young people and their circumstances.

The role of Montreal Hooked on School

Our role in mobilizing and supporting schools and communities throughout the process is multi-faceted:

  • Foster ties between stakeholders and help to develop long-lasting partnerships.
  • Support local action based on a situational report of the area.
  • Encourage a shared understanding of the situation that will guide the prioritization of objectives.
  • Help ensure that school priorities are linked to local realities, and vice versa.
  • Suggest and assist in the implementation of evidenced-based actions that meet identified needs.
  • Promote knowledge transfer to help build the assessment capacities of communities and schools.

Adopt a School

Adopt a School is an initiative coordinated jointly by Montreal Hooked on School and Youth Fusion, in close partnership with Montreal’s five school boards, seven universities, and 12 CEGEPs.

The movement allows schools to carry out large-scale projects that will benefit their students by drawing on the expertise, equipment, staff, and funding of Montreal-based partners such as:

  • universities
  • businesses
  • institutions
  • the community

Supporting evaluation

Improving evaluation strategies

Montreal Hooked on School endeavours to improve the assessment capacity of various sectors. To this end, certain MHS activities focus specifically on decision-making, planning, and innovating in the area of school perseverance in Montreal.

Assessment project

In 2012, Montreal Hooked on School began an evaluation process to measure mobilization and the effects brought about by its local action strategy.

Divided into three sections, the evaluation aims to analyze regional mobilization, local mobilization, and the effects of certain initiatives it supports in targeted areas.

For this project, MHS has partnered with Évalécole, led by professor Michel Janosz of Université de Montréal.

Documenting and distributing information about the situation in Montreal

The state of school perseverance in Montreal

Montreal Hooked on School documents the situation in Montreal in order to:

  • Better understand school perseverance and success from the perspective of Montreal-specific factors.
  • Provide additional resources for stakeholders so that they are better equipped to take action based on the reality of young Montrealers.
  • Support action that is adapted to the specific needs of each neighbourhood.

Publicizing Montreal actions and expertise

Montreal Hooked on School uses various strategies to publicize activities in Montreal that support the success of young people.

Conferences, lectures and presentations

We also hold information and networking activities to highlight various Montreal issues related to school perseverance, discuss possible solutions, and support joint efforts among various sectors.

Montreal Hooked on School publications

Coordinating Hooked on School Days in Montreal

Hooked on School Days (HSD) is a Québec-based movement aimed at raising awareness of the importance of school perseverance and success for young people. HSD takes place each year during the third week of February.

HSD gets the public involved in a week of diverse activities that highlight how vital it is for us to encourage young people, praise them for their efforts, and listen to what motivates them.

Montreal Hooked on School coordinates Montreal’s involvement in this province-wide movement. In 2015, the 5th annual HSD in Montreal were a huge success, with 1,600 activities, 440 partner organizations, and 48,000 wearers of the green-and-white ribbon.

Raising awareness about work/school balance

The role of Montreal Hooked on School in helping different sectors promote work/school balance takes on different forms:

  • Mobilize and provide resources for Montreal stakeholders around issues related to working while at school.
  • Distribute information about work/school balance.
  • Document the work habits of Montreal students.
  • Take part in the efforts to promote work/school balance by Québec’s network of regional consulting authorities on school perseverance and educational success (Réseau des Instances régionales de concertation sur la persévérance scolaire et la réussite éducative du Québec).

Guiding emergent literacy committees

Under an agreement with the ministère de l’Éducation, Montreal Hooked on School guides local stakeholders in establishing emergent literacy committees or in continuing activities under Québec’s emergent literacy assistance program (Programme d’aide à l’éveil à la lecture et à l’écriture—PAÉLÉ).

The goal of the PAÉLÉ is to support the integration of emergent literacy activities into family practices and into various locales and services in underprivileged areas frequented by children under 5 years old, their parents, and their grandparents.